The work of a security officer

With their calm and assertive manner, security officers hold natural sway over others. What’s more, practically nothing escapes their notice. They are all eyes and ears. Michel van Gennep (33) is such a person. ‘That’s why I decided to become a security officer’, he smiles. ‘The work is very varied and I really feel I can utilise my talents and work on my personal development.’

He started his career as a security officer in 2008. Since then, Michel has worked with various organisations as a port security officer, host, mobile watchman and shop observer. He entered into employment with Delta Safe Security Service in January of 2010, on a part-time basis at first. Within six months, he was hired on a full-time basis and was shown the ropes around the Damen Shipyard object. His duties here include the registration of new personnel and visitors and look after the corresponding documentation, checking the incoming vehicles in the morning, supervising any vehicles arriving at and leaving the site, checking lorries in and out, and patrolling the Damen site.

Michel is authorised to perform searches and inspect vehicles. Furthermore, he keeps in touch with the fire surveillance officers on duty. ‘These fire watchmen have to report every two hours, and I must make sure that they do’, Michel explains. Depending on the number of ships in the shipyard at any moment, there may be between five and ten fire watchmen on duty.

Michel is very happy with his present working environment. ‘Delta Safe has good terms of employment and excellent career opportunities. The work climate is great and I get on very well with the people I work with.’ His eyes light up when he talks about his colleagues. Proving that there’s a soft side to every tough-looking security officer.

Delta Safe Security Service was founded in 2001 by Bert Graaff. Today, the company employs sixty people. Because of the increasing demand for security workers, the company is expected to develop further. In fact, Delta Safe intends to become Zeeland’s largest security service. ‘I am always looking for security talent’, Bert Graaff smiles. ‘Preferably people who are as talented as Michel van Gennep!’

In addition to the duties Michel performs, Delta Safe’s security officers are responsible for various security aspects, depending on the object. ‘On ships, for example, they may perform on-board inspections, supervise the incoming and outgoing traffic and check the papers of incoming and outgoing goods. On industrial sites, they will make sure that everybody is well informed about the procedures. No smoking, no flames, the wearing of helmets, and so on.’

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