Damen ‘Down Under’

Maritime ties between the Netherlands and Australia date back to 1606, When Willem Jansz, Captain of the exploration ship Duyfken, made landfall by chance, mistakenly thinking he was reconnoitering the coast of New Guinea. Jansz was the first European to set foot on Australia’s east coast. But his reception in the Gulf of Carpentaria was less friendly because the navites – Aboriginals, as it later transpired, were less then keen on an encounter with strangers. From 1650 to 1817 the whole continent went under the name of New Holland.

Now, more than four centuries later, the ties build up through all those intervening years are still close. Today, too, many Dutch companies continue to find their way to this rich country, which boats a wealth of natural recourses and has grown into al global player and supplier and one of world’s leading economies. The country boats extensive iron ore, oil, natural gas and gold reserves as well as having an ambitious population with a great entrepreneurial spirit. With its engineers, dredgers and shipbuilders this nation ‘Down Under’ has carved out a successful niche in the world market.

Damen Shipyards also seized this opportunity here, introducing its first vessel in Australia in the Seventies. But over the last ten years in particular Damen has grown strongly, expending into almost every port in the country en recently selling its 57th ship. In 2012 alone, Damen Shipyards successfully rounded off eighteen contracts.

We believe it’s time for a look at life in Australia: the Aussies and their customs, the natural beauty of Australia’s breathtaking landscapes and the world of Damen’s success ‘Down Under’.