Student at Netherlands Maritime University

Indonesia is a country of thousands islands where shipping plays a very important role. Seafaring and maritime culture has been developed since years ago. Till the present day, the country keep delivering qualified seafarers and maritime officers to the world’s shipping and transport industry.

Working in the shipping industry, in particular dealing with seafarers, which is mainly dominated by man, is quite a challenge. As a lecturer at Merchant Marine Polytechnic of Semarang, Indonesia, having education at master level is important for me personally to increase my capacity and to take me to the level of expert in the sector.
I think I made a right decision when I plot my heading to Master of Shipping & Transport at Netherlands Maritime University (NMU), Rotterdam.

NMU introduced the best part of maritime industry, not only by touching upon the managerial perspective but also the operational side. At the beginning everything seemed difficult, but under guidance of experienced and qualified lecturers in the field, shipping and transport business has become more interesting.
I really enjoy the time in simulators to exercise and put all theories into practice.
I got a better understanding by doing operational parts in the simulators as a basis for decision making at managerial level.

One thing I like most are the excursions! In Rotterdam, I can see the essence of shipping and transport as a complete package. Visiting the port, shipping companies and maritime related industries, seeing big ships and watching how latest technologies in cargo handling are applied, has given me a thorough insight into the industry.

Renowned as the largest and most versatile port in Europe, Rotterdam also has everything as a city. There is nothing like home, but here I feel like home even though the weather sometimes is not so friendly for tropical people like me. I have a lot of things to do instead of focusing my attention to study, by hanging around with friends, cooking, eating. Hmm…  Dutch cheese and yoghurt are the best here. Another added values is international networking, since I have many friends of many nationalities now.  And I can speak Dutch! Well…’een klein beetje’.

Netherlands, Rotterdam, NMU has changed the shape and way of thinking as part of my evolution in life.  All experiences I gained here, as a trigger, are inspiring my future to build up positive changes in career for the benefit of myself, my organization and my country. In perspective of gender issue,
I think this is the time for women to participate more in maritime fields.

Merry Oktarina

Student Netherlands Maritime University, class 10.09

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