Interview Thijs van Mourik

Since I was a little kid I liked to be up and around the water. The only problem, where I grew up there was almost no open water, so I used to go sailing with my grandparents in Zeeland, in the South West of the Netherlands.

After I graduated my secondary school in 2007 I started a medical study in Maastricht. Nice city, but even further away from sailing. After an interesting and instructive, but not so productive, time at university I worked for some months to save money for a Spanish course in Costa Rica.

In 2009 I went to Costa Rica and Panama for two months. After the Spanish course I traveled around. The moment I visited the Panama Canal, was the moment I took the final decision to start my study at Terschelling. After visiting the ‘Miraflores Locks’ from the shore side, my target became to visit them from the sea side as well.

The first two study years at Terschelling were both an instructive and productive time. I liked the courses at school with a good mix of nautical and technical subjects. After school time I often took my mountain bike to enjoy the variation in landscape, varying from forest and beach to crushed shell paths.

Now I am a third year student. I have recently returned from a wonderful first traineeship on board the ‘Maersk Kimi’. During my five months on board I sailed the trade route between the Middle East and Western Europe. A very interesting variety of scenery.

For now I will stay ashore in college till January 2013, after which I will go on a second traineeship of five moths to complete my maritime education. One of my future targets is to sail around the world for some years and after that maybe start a career as a Marine Pilot in Rotterdam.

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