“I’m looking for a company where I can learn and use my knowledge”

Pretty much new here in Rotterdam, I left my country 4 weeks ago and I m enjoying this city. My name is James Daime, I m 27 years old and from France.

The idea of learning the Maritime logistic started a few years ago but more as a thought. During my Bachelor Degree with a major subject of Distribution logistic, we studied a little bite of international trade through a logistic case dealing with sea transport, which was really interesting. During my bachelor degree, I went to England to do my internship for my Degree, focused on dispatching goods and packaging.

It was interesting but I knew that was not the logistic field I was interested in. After graduating, I went back to England to get a job in logistic, but my English at that time was not good enough, so I settled for bar work for 5 months then I went back to France, having an interesting job offer.

I worked as a project scheduler in a work flow industry for rail way products, I had to look after customer order book and plan the production within a maximum of 5 months. That was as well really interesting, responsibilities, there was a lot to deal with and it was most of the time pretty full on.

But again at the end of my contract, I did not feel like doing this job for a few years, so I did not renew it and then I started travelling. I travelled for more than 3 years, first in Europe, to explore it and improve my English and practice a bit my Spanish.

Then I went a bit farther, where my passion for rugby took me, New Zealand for the world cup. The experience in this country made me want to travel more, and that was good, because it opens my eyes on a lot of things, myself, people, the passion for always discovering and learning new things.

To cut a long story short, from my travelling and what I experienced before in my professional and personal life, I  made the choice to follow my feelings and to start a new carrier in the logistic Maritime.

My goal is to now learn as much as I can, and its always easier when you study something you like.
Then challenge myself by going to an emergent or developing country and maybe create a maritime project or work with a small company to build it up, using my knowledge and experience.

This is one of the reasons why I chose part time studying to be able to work at the same time, because the studies will be great but working at the same time is going to be the key.

Now I’m looking for a company where I can learn, use my knowledge and of course fulfil myself through interesting and challenging things

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