Request from Elianne Rongen

Hello everybody, my name is Elianne Rongen.

In this edition of the YMI I was given the opportunity to reach out to all of you and ask for your help with my thesis. Before taking this liberty I will start with introducing myself.

My maritime education started at the Maritime Institute “Willem Barentsz” at Terschelling. I studied for Maritime Officer and during this education I sailed both of my cadetships on board of Holland America Line ships. I enjoyed this a lot, so therefore after my four years of college I signed a contract and started sailing as fourth officer with HAL.  Following years I sailed on board cruise ships and climbed in rank until Second Officer Safety.

In these years at sea, I had the opportunity to see many different countries and had the privilege to work with a lot of different nationalities.

Aforementioned I found one of the biggest advantages of being at sea.  Further more the responsibility you get at a young age and the diverse work atmosphere, definitely contributes to a good time at sea.

Even though the years at sea are years to never forget, I do feel like it is time to search for new challenges and opportunities. I believe I will be able to find these in a shore-based job. To prepare myself for this and to expand my knowledge, I am now following the Master in Shipping and Transport at the Netherlands Maritime University in Rotterdam. This course opens a whole new world for me, since I wasn’t aware of all the jobs in and around a port, especially Rotterdam.

To be able to finish my Master degree I have to write a thesis project, which I will start with halfway September, after my last exams. I would prefer to research something in relation to safety and lifesaving or training and education, since these were the topics in which I specialized on board. I do believe these areas will always be examined for improvements, which is necessary due to the unfortunate accidents still occurring.

Even though these are my preferred subjects, I am open to any new ideas, which need to be researched in the near future. This is why I would like to ask your help. I am looking for a company who is willing to provide me a thesis project assignment for the months of September through March. I will do my upmost to accomplish this assignment with quality and in a timely manner.

My goal for the future is to make a good career in the maritime industry and I hope I will be able to make a difference in this sector.

If you could help me, please contact me on below mentioned email address.

I am always willing to send my curriculum vitae if required.

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