Arctic Minor Team – A Delft University of Technology honours minor

Five maritime honours students Reinier Bos, John Huisman, Martijn Obers, Tobias Schaap and Max van der Zalm developed, together with three companies Damen, Marin and DNV, an Arctic Modular Towing and Supply Vessel (AMTSV).

Max van der Zalm

Max van der Zalm was born in Leiderdorp January 1991. From a young age he lived in Friesland in  the North of the Netherlands, where it is customary to learn and love sailing. This is where his interest in maritime engineering started. In his early years his parents enabled him to visit many countries abroad and he got in touch with many cultures. During his VWO studies in the physics and biology direction, he found the time to take lessons in sailing and eventually became a sailing instructor. This only fuelled the interest in maritime engineering and this is when he decided to study it at the Technical University of Delft, but not before he took a year out of his life to travel the world. During his VWO study he gathered enough money to travel to Brazil, New-Zealand, Indonesia and Malaysia. When he came back he started Maritime engineering and got into the honours programme after the first year. This stimulated him to “go the extra mile” in his studies with four other students and the Arctic Minor was created as a special part of the studies. The result of this minor was presented, among others, in the 47th digital edition of the YMI and was received very well. During all this he was also very active in committees for the study association S.G. “William Froude”. Now he is working at Damen Shipyards Group continuing the Arctic Minor as a job and still continuing his studies at the TU Delft.

Martijn Obers

In 1991 Martijn Obers was born in the south of the Netherlands. Since a young age, he was playing tennis in a very high level. Besides the sporting he was getting good study results whereby he could go to the highest education level in the Netherlands (VWO). During his VWO study, he started to gain interest in sailing and started to take lessons. After a few years some certificates were achieved. This gave him the opportunity to become a sailing instructor, he took this opportunity with both hands and started to give lessons from 2008 . At the same time as he was giving sailing lessons he discovered that his interests in ships grew. That interest was the foundation of the choice to study Maritime Engineering at the Technical University Delft. After finishing the first year with great success he was invited to take place in the honours programme. He took this opportunity and made his own minor with a group of 5 people called the Arctic Minor. This minor was made and executed with cooperation from: DAMEN shipyards, MARIN and DNV. Besides studying and the making of the minor, he was very active at the study association S.G. “William Froude”, and the race sailing associating D.S.W.Z Broach. Besides the normal activities in the associations, he was invited to organize several, by taking place in committees. At this moment he is still seating in several committees and also working at Damen Shipyards Group continuing the Arctic Minor as a job. Besides these extracurricular activities he is continuing his study at the TU Delft.

Impossible is nothing.

Tobias Schaap

Born and raised in Germany, he is the international element in the Arctic minor team. “Challenge yourself” has been a motto since many years. In his school time he studied a year in the United States and with a lot of social involvement and good final results many doors lay wide open for him. He knew that maritime technology would be the desired study, but finding the best university to study was not that easy.

He choose Delft university of Technology, because of the excellent reputation in the field of maritime technology. After a exiting first year he got invited for the honour programme of the faculty, TopTrack. Together with four friends he begun to set up a very challenging project, the Arctic minor. With Damen shipyards, Marin and DNV as strong industry partners the five studied in Finland arctic engineering and made a innovative arctic offshore supply vessel. Within the project he realised once again how important it is to set an extra step. There is nothing better than doing something were you passionate about.

“I couldn’t have dreamed of a better outcome of the Arctic Minor project. I’m proud what we have achieved and are very thankful to be part of this amazing experience. I would like to thank everyone that took a part in the project, especially John, Martijn, Max and Reinier.”

Reinier Bos

Being a boy of only two years old, the parents of Reinier Bos took him to the ‘Wereld Haven Dagen’, or  ‘World Port Days’ in Rotterdam. Fascinated by the sheer size, technology and traditions surrounding the maritime industry, he choose to start studying for a maritime officer. Although the study was not what he expected, the industry was appealing. After the first year he switched to the TU Delft, maritime engineering. He focused on studying and managed to be invited to the honours programme after the first year. With four of his friends he set up the Arctic minor, a half year of studying Arctic engineering with the goal of designing an Arctic Offshore Support Vessel. The result of this minor has been praised by the partners that helped realize it: Damen, Marin and DNV. At the moment he is finishing his bachelor of maritime engineering and hopes to start his master in September 2013.

John Huisman

By the time I was asked to write for a special edition of the YMI, I was a little bit surprised. Was the work we did in the Arctic Minor that outstanding or special? Let me begin to tell about myself. I’m John Huisman, 20 years old, living in Hardinxveld-Giessendam my whole life now, next to a small river named “de Giessen”.  No wonder I grew up with water and things that float on it. During the pre-university education it appeared that I was interested in maths, physics and so on. After the open days at the Delft University, Maritime Engineering was and is, without any doubt, the right study for me.

In the first year I did, apparently, quite well. I graduated with honours. It was the result of careful planning and sometimes hard work. I was also asked for the honours programme of the faculty: ‘TopTrack’. A programme in which you can add an extra dimension to your studies. Together with four friends the decision was made to set up an own minor with the topic of Arctic engineering.

The planning of the minor began in December 2011 and before we knew we were in Finland following arctic courses and doing a design project in cooperation with Damen, DNV and Marin, which was told in a previous edition of the YMI. I learned a lot: working in a team and setting up requirements of the project by yourself and also social en networking skills.

But my studies are not finished yet. The topic of arctic engineering is also chosen for the final bachelor research project in cooperation with Marin to study and research propeller-ice interaction models with artificial ice. By the end of July this year I hope to finish my bachelor studies and to go further with a new challenge, the master. I would be great that you, who read this, will see that there are many possibilities and challenges in your study. But you have to go for it and you will end up like me in the YMI, like the Arctic Minor Team that did something unusual, but very nice and useful.

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