MCR-prijs: “Beste leerling van het maritieme onderwijs”

My name is Bob van Stek (21), I am a student at the STC. Currently, I am following the education for manager harbor logistics. At the end of June I will finish this education. In total, I have studies at the STC for five years. In 2006, I started my studies at the fine school. Back then,  I followed the education employee harbor logistics. After having successfully finished this education, I continued my studies in manager harbor logistics. As I was already familiar in the area of harbor logistics, I was allowed to complete my second studies in a condensed program.

During the five years that I studied at the STC, I was allowed to do three internships. I did so at three different companies. The first company was Danser Containerline in Sliedrecht. This company provides a variety of different container routes that connect the harbours of Rotterdam and Antwerp, as well as routes between those two harbours with the hinterland. My second intern was with the company

Rebes BV in Zwijndrecht (this company provides worldwide transport for both containers and bulk, including the necessary custom and transport formalities.  Currently, I am doing an internship at Peterson Agricare and Logistics (a company having extensive knowledge on all aspects regarding the logistical chain for a multitude of raw materials, among others agricultural materials, minerals and chemicals, but also the products for the upstream oil and gas industry.

By doing internships at these three companies I have developed a real passion for this sector and I am absolutely positive that I would like to work in this beautiful and growing sector in the future. As for now,
I will start my HBO studies in Logistics and Economy at the Hogeschool Rotterdam.

My ambitions are to first complete this study and obtain the degree and then to pursue a successful career.

Mr. Ron Kooren, College van Bestuur STC-Group
Mr. Bob van Stek, winnaar MCR-prijs
Mr. Theo Schut, Voorzitter Marine Club Rotterdam

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